Walking to Cambodia

This is my second day in Cambodia. Yesterday we crossed the border overland from Thailand. It was pretty fun to cross literally by foot into a different country - first time I've ever done that. At night we went to eat traditional Khmer food (like thai but less spicy or coconutty) and watch Khmer dancing (again like Thai for the most part but I suppose experts would be able to tell the difference).

Visited the Khmer Ruins today including Angor Wat, 'the place where Angeline Jolie filmed Tomb Raider' and 'the place where they shot Little Brother'.   :P  Amazing to see but it was a long day though as we were at Angor Wat at 5:30 to see the sun rise and then spent the whole day visiting other sites.

There was lots of climbing and walking in extremely hot weather. For most of the day it was like 37 degrees. Surprisingly, its a LOT hotter here in the weather I left in Karachi. Doesn't cool down at nights either and zero wind makes it pretty suffocating.

Tomorrow we have a bit of time in the morning and then leave for the capital of Cambodia - Phenom Phen. (I probably didn't spell that right).

So far here are my observations about other tourists.

1. Not necessary to wear short shorts and tube tops EVERYWHERE. Hello, way to stand out like a tourist. Also, less clothes do not mean you are going to be cooler.
2. Bikins tops should not be worn outside of beach areas.
3. Don't talk about how EVERYTHING is so CHEAP. Not exactly cheap for locals or people making non-hard currency. (i.e. poor me and my going down by the day PKR :P)