The Clever Mr. Phoung

Got to Hoi An two days ago. It's a very cute town, a historical old district, nice walking/bicycling only streets, river and beach. Basically its got everything a tourist would want. There were a lot of tourists but I wouldn't say the town was overun with them.
The first day I got a bicycle and rode around town which was a great way to cover the city and experience it. The next day I spent with the fantastic my Phoung. Basically he's just this guy who goes around creating his our tour of his fishing village. To be honest the tour was nothing that special - first we went to his village which was a 20 min bike ride. Then he told his history about it (the is recorded history of the village from the 15th century).
After that he took us to the pottary farm which is the other thing his village does (other than fishing) and we got to make clay pots. Then we went fishing and I caught the HUGEST FISHES of my life. They were like 3 inch long. And then we went to his house and ate yummy spring rolls, yellow noodles and fresh fish. The food was authentic and yummy but a bit oily.
After we were done our meal and were ready to leave he wrote us a 'note'; it was basically a computer print out with our names written in. Ours said 'Hello Canadian and Australian'.  There he wrote the usual plesentries but included his complete contract info include email, website, phone etc and asking you to recommend him if anyone you know comes to Vietnam. Then he takes a picture with you and his family and asks you to email the photo (which he will use as recommendations when selling his tour) and also write in his book. Simple things really, but good marketing.
At night we ate at a place overlooking the river. I had rare seseame seared tuna. Not very Vietnamese but DELICIOUS. We hung around town and then went to this beach party. The stars were amazing. It ended with everyone jumping in the pool. Good times.