Snorkling, Nhang Tran and Hoi An

Yesterday we were in Nhang Tran and our group got a private boat for snorkeling. It was great - we have brand new 'non-toy' snorkeling gear. The corals and the fishes were of a nice varied variety. I would say the best snorkeling I've been at is at Ko Tao in Thailand but this was SECOND BEST.

We also ate a super delicious lunch and swam around for most of the afternoon. After we came back I went and got a massage. It was to date, THE BEST massage I've had in my life. Caught the night train to Dhnang at night and from there to Hoi An. 
The train was super disguto - as in seriously gross. In our cabin there was an extra dude without a ticket hanging around. There was a bit of a scruffule with the other girls and the guy cause they were freaking out. I was like - just chill - this is asia and I got into my bed which was on a higher level and listened to my ipod. That guy left and a new guy arrived in the middle of the night but no one noticed until we woke up. I thought our cabins were bad, but there were actually people sleeping on lawn chairs in the middle of the hallway.
A large part of Hoi An is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. You actually are 'supposed' to buy a ticket to walk around. Don't know if its actually required but I got one to see some of the cool buildings and shrines.  Already spent too much today and its only 12. I bought pearl earrings and a pearl necklace for $16. I'm hoping they are real ones - the woman was burning them to show that there were. I like the size of and style of the pearls - they are my favorite stone. I will show it to someone else local and see what they would pay to get a idea of the price. 
Then I bought some dresses for the hot weather here and also a sleeping bag liner thingy. I actually bought two because its great to have without being as big and bulky as actual sleeping bags. I will ditch the bed sheets I brought from home. I hope ami doesn't mind because they actually looked kindda new.