Short Stroll to Vietnam

I'm in Ho Chi Minh City today. We cross the border yesterday and spent the night in a small(ish) town of Doc Chau. It's interesting to see the difference between the land border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia vs. Cambodia and Vietnam. The Tha-Cambodia border we used was really busy and teaming with people. The Cambodia-Vietnam one was relatively deserted.The border crossing went smoothly - but it think it's one thing you really can't do on your own as there didn't seem to be any organized tourist or non-tourist buses going across the border. We had a private van the whole way. To smooth things along at the border we all paid $1 to the border patrol.After we headed to Doc Chau. I'm audio-booking Guns, Germs and Steel right now (a great book). Apparently the Mekong Delta is the site of the first humans moving to cultivation of food from hunter-gathers. It's also one of the most fertile regions in the world. You can really see it when you get into Vietnam. Cambodia is kind of dry and the vegetation is sparse but as soon as you get into Vietnam is gets more lush and green.In the afternoon we took a boat ride on the Mekong river and stopped at a fish farm and a local village. Pretty touristy but nice 2 hour diversion. Then we took motorbikes up to a mountain to watch the sun set. We didn't ride the motorbikes ourselves (too bad - but probably not a good idea) but the sunset over the lush green rice fields was great.Vietnamese food is generally I feel more diverse and tasty than Cambodian. So far I've had a sweet and sour hot pot, cold cofee, and a mango and beef salad with the fresh cold rolls with seafood. Yum! Looking forward to more Vietnamese food.We arrived in Ho Chi Minh city today. Spend the afternoon strolling in the markets. I bought a couple of dresses to keep cool and a much needed hat. Plus a couple of 'gifts' for mum. The dresses were actually more expensive than the one I bought in Cambodia which was only $4. I've written Sana a postcard which I will drop in the mail later.  I wonder if she ever gets them - I sent here from from Turkey as well but I don't think she got it.Almost time for dinner! I found an actual HSBC bank today so I took out money charge free. Woohoo!