Reading List: Half the Sky, Risk, Hapiness

A quick round up of what I'm reading these days. (Yes, I'm still up to my multiple books at a time shenanigans.) 1.  Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women WorldwideHalf the SkyThis book is E Y E   O P E N I N G. (Yes, in the all caps sense.)  I'm not exactly why, but I never actually realized how oppressed and lacking in resources and opportunity most women are.All the more ironic since I'm currently living in Pakistan. This should be at least a little bit more in the forefront for me. I can just say its a testament to how totally awesome my parents are 'cause I can honestly say I've never had less freedom, opportunity and benefits to live a fulfilling life just because I'm a girl.The book is immensely readable with stats and stories to show how empowering the women of the world is the key to solving some of the worlds biggest problems (exploding population and starvation level poverty).  Plus, what I love about this book is the practical steps that the enraged reader (read: me) can take to 'make a difference'.  Recommended for all. Especially men.


2. Risk: The Science and Politics of FearRiskI think I've read this book before in some other format. Yes, humans are irrational about how we process fear and risk. It's 'cause our stupid caveman brain.  It's got silly rules of thumbs and you know panics first thinks second because you know - it need to survive. Yes, the political / business marketing machine uses this to sell us stuff (products and votes). Got it.Basically, nothing new here for me. It's get's a little repetitive for me. But I guess a good read if you are new to the subject. Ok, wait one thing was new. Apparently we are ACTUALLY underestimated/under-fearing the risk of a meteor hitting us and making us extinct like the dinosaurs. Time to PANIC.


3. Happiness: The Science behind Your SmileHapinessI'm only 1/4th of a the way into this book.  All I can tell you is that I'm not increasing my happiness level. (j/k).I've only read like 1/2 of a self help book (How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have), which despite the supposed shame of reading a self help book, I actually found quite insightful and useful.  It will be interesting to see what the science perspective of happiness will be. Will report back.