Please be self-restraint and be a good tourist to mold a well-mannered imagination.

Officially been a long while since I updated my blog. Currently I'm sitting in Tanners and MAP's super cute but small apartment. MAP is making Daal and it smells yum! After I floated down 'tha river' we headed to Xi'an. Xi'an is mostly quite a big city but its still really pretty and our hotel was really well placed. At night we would hang out in the park area near the bell and drum tower and fly kites. There is a pretty big muslim quarter in Xi'an. I went to the 'grand mosque' which was a really interesting mix of Chinese and Muslim-style architecture and is very serene and beautiful and right smack dab in the middle of an otherwise super hectic market.
I'm so happy that we had a Chinese guide - first of all because China is officially hard to navigate without speaking the language. There are officially times where people in train and cabs speak not a word of English. Anyways I ate this very local yummy food which was made out of yummy herb soup and pancakes and noodles and beef. It was so good especially when all the pancakes soaked up the soup.
Anyways went to see the Terracotta warriors and it was good, but in a way super sanitized and organized. You are basically in these huge rooms and are looking down into the pits and are generally far away from them with a LOT of Chinese tourists everywhere. I think the interesting thing is that there are a lot of warriors and other things buried down there that they have not excavated yet because they don't know how to without exposing them to air which makes them loose the original color pigments of the warriors.
The second day at Xi'an I got to ride the bike around the great wall which is all around the city which was really fun. Another overnight bus to Shanghai which is really modern, bustling and happening city. We walked around the river area and the French Concession part which was fun and beautiful. The second day we went to the Shanghai Expo. Expo was and interesting experience - but really I can see the fascination with it maybe even 20 years ago but now with the internets and YouTube basically the world is a smaller place and other countries don't really seem that exotic and crazy wild. Last stop on the China tour was Beijing which is BIG BIG BIG with a crazy metro system that would put Toronto's to SHAME. I climbed up the great wall which was really fun - it was a slightly tiring hike but was worth it to be able to say that I actually climbed it. Also went to Tianamin square and also the Forbidden City. I think the 'forbidden city' is really big in terms of size and grandeur but its not really the most ornately designed palace area and can almost look severe and soviet-like at times. I also went to the summer palace which is like an hour out side of the city. It's really nice, really huge with a very big man-made lake.
Korea updates will come soon!