Phenom Phen(ning) and Shinoukville

Phew! It's been really hot in Cambodia and there was a nice treat to the trip - as in two days in the beach town of Shinoukville. Today I went snorkling at the islands around here - snorkling in name only as I think I saw about two different types of fishes. (As in, you see more snorkling in Karachi!)Anyways the boat ride was nice and we went beach hopping to different secluded beaches which was great. I don't have any pics since I wasn't gonna be taking ANY CHANCES with my previous camera disaster. But other peeps I went with had waterproof cameras and I'm hoping to get it off them.Tomorrow we leave Cambodia and cross the border to Vietnam. Umn... I better ask the tour leader about my passport. YES, I did have to get a brand new visa for damn Vietnam after all the initial hassle and stress of getting it the first time.  Apparently they are pretty strict about the one day off thing. Worse thing EVA.Before Shinoukville we spent one full day in Phenom Phen. It's okay. Walking in the city is like being in Sadar in the middle of the afternoon. Hot, smogy, dirty.Went to visit the S.21 prison and the Killing Fields in the evening. S.21 is a famous prison where lots of people were killed when all the intellectuals were kick out of the city and forced to work in the fields in the country.Our guide for the prison was actually a young boy at the time of the Khemer Rouge and he told us about what he remembers from his youth. At the prison we also met one guy who was a prison there and survived (one of only seven other people).