Pakistan Fashion Week

Went to the Friday night showing for the 'First Annual Pakistan Fashion Week'.  Okay, I will skip all the general commentary about contrasts in Pakistani society, conservative vs. extremely un-conservative...blah blah blah.The show was good.(Un-conservative: that's going to be my new work for opposite of conservative given all the heavy meaning and language politics words can have.)Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any "unauthorized" photographs (not that I would have anyways; way to look like a newbie) - so there isn't much to post about.LOVED. This once girl (crowd) was wearing this lone vertically stripped poncho/long loose shirt off the shoulder type things. She also had a clutch in similar vertical stripes but thinner - which I LOVED. I was planning to pull a Sartorialist and be all like, I have a fashion blog can I photograph you? But the crowd after the show was insanely packed.Also loved the show for Sanam Chaudhry; it was full of flowing fabrics in amazingly vibrant colors. A lot of the peices were very vintage-y which I loved. Here collection was definitely very wear-able even if it wasn't that innovative.I also really loved Maheen Hussain's show which was basically scarfs and bags. I really loved the way she styles and showcased her products, and I the color combination were mouth watering-ly delicious.The last show was Rizwan Beyg and it was amazing - in all white with pearl embellishments and hand crafted his pieces were a work of art. Obviously, totally un-wearable but all about what clothes as art.The show was really well organized; even when the 'bijli went out' - the organizers did a great job. I also liked that they had awards for the best dressed women / men in the crowd. It was fun to get the interaction; an also all about how fashion is people own personal style.A LITTLE LESS LOVED.I was annoyed about the bored people looked at the time as if they didn't really want to be there. Booo to the jaded socialite look. Also, boo to people that were clapping a little too loud and hooting! OMG.I was really enjoying the music too - especially whatever was playing during the Ismail Farid men's wear collect. I can't stop my body from moving when the beat is so good; but as expected everyone else was just sitting there with a bored look.Regardless - the fashion show was great. Hope to see a lot more of them in the future!