New Phone, New Life

Finally cracked yesterday and decided I could no longer deal with a blackberry with the round ball thingy that does not move - rendering my blackberry a useless piece of plastic.I bought the Blackberry Gemini. It was exciting purchase in that it happened so fast - I asked for it at 11 (as I was just minutes from throwing the phone against the wall) and it arrived a couple of hours later totally unexpectedly.The good:

  • nice bright screen
  • good screen size and really light and thing
  • the new interface is slightly easier to use
  • the track pad

The bad:

  • although the shiny screen looks good, it dirty smudged really fast which is annoying
  • the layout of the keys is tighter than the old bb curve which takes getting used to
  • the keys are really hard and you have to press them making typing more work and slower (okay this gets really tiring...)

Overall I really like the phone although I really wish they would fix the keypad which is the most annoying feature.The bold goes for around 42,000 rps (almost double for a leather back, slightly bigger wider phone) so at 25,000 rps the gemini is a really good deal in my view.