New ipod, New Life

Slowly attempting to replace all electronics lost in disaster of 2009.On Saturday is purchased the ipod nano.[caption id="attachment_189" align="aligncenter" width="175" caption="My New Ipod Nano"]My New Ipod Nano[/caption]The good:- I was really happy that I got a purple ipod nano. Purple is my new favorite color, even though a couple of years ago I literally hated the color. It's funny how that happens.- I actually like having the radio on the phone. Yes I know, this feature is LONG overdue as in a lot of non ipod music players had this 5+ years ago. Whatever, I'm glad I have it on my ipod.The bad:- I don't like the click wheel on my new one as much as I did on the old one. It seems to be less responsive and of generally cheaper quality.- I generally dislike the long shape of the new one. I know its all about the big screen to see your album flow, videos and the like but the shape is pretty awkward.- Videos!! Okay so great; we can now take a video on the ipod. That's nice. But umn.. I can't take a picture (because apparently the video camera is so shitty that grainy videos are okay but if you took a still photo you would really know how bad it is.) Also, I can take both pictures and videos on my blackberry AND I can upload them to facebook, BB message them or email them instantly. So I'm not sure why I would ever choose to take a video on my ipod.- So I'm not planning to take any videos on my nano, BUT if i was going to the placement of the video camera is terrible. It's at the bottom of the ipod where you would put your thumb naturally if you were recording vertically (as in you have to flip it around). It's really weird and awkward.- The new ipod nano has voice memos; seems like fun and I'm thinking about using it one day to record my Karachi driving road rage which should be fun. In the MEANWHILE, it seems like the iTunes app, and ipod nano itself has limited ability to manage voice notes. Every time I plug in the nano it asks me if I want to download the note (which I don't). Plus there doesn't seem to be a way to delete, organize, name or manage my voice memos or tell it to not ask me about them every time I plug my ipod in.- The voice over feature for the ipod which tells you what song is playing when you press the center button SOUNDS like a good idea. But its kind of annoying because it keeps on turning on when I'm actually trying to add stars to a song I really like. Also, I can't find a place in the options to turn this voice over thing off. ANNOYING. It also is a bit buggy, if you try to forward through a song sometimes is starts saying the name of songs that you are not even listening to.- In the ipod interface; why do podcasts have their own menu (makes sense) but audiobooks are under music (makes no sense).Overall, this ipod seriously feels like Apple treated it like the bastard child while it focus on its new love child the iphone.  My opins, my old nano was nicer.[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="186" caption="My OLD ipod Nano"]My OLD ipod Nano[/caption]