My Name is Khan

I wonder if in film school they teach a class for writing a Bollywood script.

Hollywood has its genres - romantic comedy, action - but indian movies have just one style BOLLYWOOD. Okay, I might sound like I'm being a downer but actually the movies coming out now are bollywood are great. The cinematography is really amazing both in terms of location, set and in interesting editing techniques. The music is, as always, great.We also demand a lot out of the bollywood plot line - we want to love, laugh, CRY, feel passion, hate and it should end with us feeling happy and satisfied with the emotional journey when we leave the cinema.Anyways, My Name is Khan delivers on all of the above and its a good satisfying cathartic movie. I LOVE Kajol. She is such an amazing actress and even though I find Shahruh Khan such a loveable actor he just isn't even on the same leauge as her.Probably the only bad thing is that Kajol is so good she should be in serious movies. And that's one thing that can't happen in a Bollywood movie - you just can't get too serious. You can't have characters that are ambigious, multiple view point or a really a complex analysis of a situation.Or at least not yet. But eventually Bollywood movie watching audiences will get more savvy and sophisticated and demand even more.I'm eating a Haneefia burger now with cottage cheese. So excited!