Mailer's Barbary Shore

Finished reading Barbary Shore by Norman Mailer. Ok to be honest, I skipped maybe 30-40 pages in the end because I kindda got bored with the inquisition part of the book. Plus the copy I have is so old and tattered that there was pages missing and as I finished the last page the backcover disassembled from the spine.The book is definitely 'of a certain time'; for the most part it was hard to relate to the Soviet/Communist interrogation as it feel like its part of such a long-gone time.(As in, my post 9/11 world had other concerns like secret prisons, Gitmo, Blackwater etc.)The best part of the book is the way the Guinevere manipulation of the main character are vividly and deliciously described. There are passages of double meaning in the book that make you re-read them thrice and leave my mouth gaping at Mailer's ability to shape plain 'ole words into beautiful art.