Living In Oblivion

Super funny when you are traveling its really easy to NOT know what's going on in the world.  I only just found out today that the Polish president died.  I found out about the 'red shirt' protests in Bangkok had turned a little violet only as of 10 minutes ago when I checked out Google news. Also apparently Obama is all about talking to the Chineese about making the Yuan more 'market oriented'. I hope that happens AFTER I'm in China already. Nope - looks like the Yuan hit a 6 month high.
Today we went Chi Chu Tunnels outside of Ho Chi Minh City. Basically these are the tunnels that the Viet Kong (the insurgents to the South Vietnamese) had their guerilla war. The tunnels where interesting - there was a 100 meter one that we could walk down into but I aborted mission 20 meters in because it was seriously way too clastrophobic. Apparently the tunnels have actually been made to twice their original size for tourists. The were originally small so that only the Viet Kong could get inside and not the American soldiers who were much bigger.
Our tour guide for the Chi Chu Tunnels was also another war veteran for the South Vietnamese. He has some interesting stories to tell about how he went on patrols and whole villages would only have women and children during the day because the men were hiding in the forest during the day and they would return at night.
He said that he worked with the Americans for 4 years as a translator and they generally were not well prepared because the American soliders were never trained in jungle warfare. Anyways when the Americans left and the South lost he spent 3 years in a 're-education' camp where he was forced to learn about Communism. So many wars fought.
After we came back I walked past the Reunification Palace (a drab communist-type looking building) and also through 'district 1' of the city. I also went to the market and bought a brown belt that will make my onsie dress more palatable. I had to wamoose outta there though because I thought I would end up buying more things which I do not want to spend money on.
Ate delicious Pho for lunch. Just waiting around out hotel with the rest of the peeps until its time to catch our night train to Nhang Tran.