Floating Down the Yangtze

Back on solid land now after spending 3 days and 2 nights on a boat on the Yangtze river. The boat was full of Chineese tourists that were vacationing for their 'May Day' long weekend and was a great slow paced break with lots of 'relaxation time'. We went down (actually up) the river past each of the three Gorges and past the iconic landscape which is on the 10 Yuan note. To get to up the river over 3 shipping locks, which took around 20 minutes to 1 hour to fill up with water so we could 'climb up'. So far I've seen the exact landscape that is on the 20 and 10 Yuan note - hopefully we hit up some of the higher denominations for the rest of out trip!
The boat was nice - like a small hotel with a bar, lounge, majong and Karaoke room. The whole time I felt like I was on a mini Titanic - especially when on the deck at night when all you could see up ahead was pitch blackness. I also SLEPT a lot on the boat since anything moving (trains, cars, boats) makes me feel really sleepy - which was good because other than two short excursions we did there wasn't too much to do on the boat itself. We did have the chance to party with some Chinese people though which was fun - for some reason all the men like to lift up their shirt and rub their belly. It's so weird! I will have to remember to take a picture of it.
Ate a lot of sweet and sour chicken, rice, cabbage and shredded potatoes on the boat - that is 2 meals a day for 3 days. That's the only items the group found acceptable to eat - so sick of sweet and sour flavor I would be happy to not eat it again for the rest of my life.  On the other hand today I have also had the chance to eat totally delectable and authentic Chinese food in proper Chinese fashion thanks to our guide who is Chinese. My favorite things so far has been the yummy 'black fungus' (mushrooms) and aubergines with 'local plant matter'.
Tomorrow we board the train at 2pm and don't get off until 7am in Xi'an. That's 16 hours on the train and I don't have a book to read. I'm gonna have to try to hunt one down but China is very non-english and a LOT less touristy than the other places I've been so far.