Fishes&Huge Waves = Net Loss

Yesterday I went to Chernai which is an island approx. a 2 hr boat ride from French beach - for snorkeling. A little boat came to pick us up from french beach and we all hopped in with our snorkeling gear bags and food to be ferried to bigger boat.The two hour trip to Chernai was amazing - the sun was really beating down and I enjoyed a nice nap with the rocking waves. Snorkeling I saw at least 6-7 different types of fishes, none of which I know the names of.There were schools of little back fishes with purplish color on the side; bigger silvery gray fishes, little electric blue fishes and most amazingly I saw hidden between two crevasses a really big multi-colored fish AND someone speared a squid and it had to be clear by the side of the boat where all the ink was ejected out.The day ended in a slight disaster for me; as we were riding the little boat back to the shore the waves were much bigger and we got creamed. More importantly my camera, cell phone and ipod got creamed. The bag they were in was full of water, I had to fish them out of the submerged boat.I was really my fault, I should have been holding the bag with these things in it as at least they would have not been as soaked in water.Anyways, I have all three things drying in uncooked rice right now. I really really hope that works, if I have to replace all 3 items its going to cost me...ipod = 16,000 Rps.Blackberry = 22,000 Rps.Camera = ?? 25,000 Rps.Yikes!*** Update ***Looks like ipod is a goner. As in, I can pay 10,000 Rps. to send my existing one to Singapour where they will check if its under warranty still and if so, give me the same ipod. Oh - and they don't guarantee any time lines of when it will come. Or if it will be under warranty. Umnn... I think not.  So I'll probably by the new ipod nano 8GB. It's 14,900 Rps. They don't have the purple one in stock so I gotta wait for it...  which is GOOD cause I really gotta see what the damage is on the phone.