Coco Channel + Tropic of Thunder

Watched the movie Coco Channel, no not the one with Audrey Tautou.From a movie perspective, it was the almost laughable cheesy. I really hated the narrative structure - the reminiscent flashbacks and the weird black transitions used.I did some research on Coco's life. Apparently, some of the history is a bit glossed over; she had one sister and several brothers.Although the movie focuses on her life with "Boy" Chapel (and partially "Etienne" ) fast forward to her "later years" and ife in the second world war is also filled with a lot of intrigue and scandal.I also watched Tropic of Thunder and its a plot narrative - ahem and editing - and art direction - its a wayyyy better movie. I really loved the fake movie trailers in the beginning which are approved for 'audiences'.Tropic Thunder - Fake Trailers!! - Watch more free videos