Around the Interwebs: Digital News

Just catching up on major inter-web related news: 1. Very excited about the Skype / Facebook integration. I heard about it a while ago but didn't realize that the 'integrated' version is available for download.  (The full release details are available here.) I actually thought thought that the integration would be available seamlessly on FB (i.e. no upgrades download required - just sign in with you skype login on FB). Once I get it fired up (hopefully I will if my work computer is not totally locked down) I'll post screen captures.

2. Bing incorporates Facebook 'your friends like this'. Interesting news. I guess it's still up in the air about who is going to own the 'social webs' but I think Facebook is winning. Seems like all of Googles initiatives in this area have not been super successful (i.e. Buzz, Wave, FriendConnect).  I wish I could buy some Facebook stock.

3. Looks like more and more Brands are getting into the location game. Actually, I'm really annoyed because of course being in Pakistan mean I have not really been able to try the whole 'Facebook Places' 'Gowalla' 'Foursquares' check-in thing. I wonder how successful this will be (in the future) in our local market. I know that some forward thinking business in Pakistan have actually been using Google Lattitude for business purposes - i.e. tracking the location of on the road salespeople / delivery people etc.  I think if would be interesting to use check-ins to monitor for field visits and collect real-time data.Two side notes though:

- I gotta get data on 'data package' penetration on mobile phones. I think providers like Telenor have recently pushed for it on the mid-level market (i.e. People who don't have smart phones)

- I really gotta get rid of my BlackBerry. Almost of all my data communication is still locked down (Ok if SOMEONE can logically explain to me why is it locked down for blackberries and not other handsets I will bake them a cake). This mean no Facebook, no Twitter, no 'on the go Wordpress updates', no google maps (which I really miss most of all), no Google mobile search (which is actually very useful and pretty accurate - even in Karachi).  So basically this device is totally useless for me.  I will probably go for an Android phone although sometimes I still get tempted by the iPhone.