Another bold step…towards insanity.

It seems people around me are not very alarmed at the neck breaking speed at which Pakistan is heading towards fundamentalism. First it was the banning of Facebook - which was implemented while I was traveling. The 'REASON' for the ban was blasphemous material (aka people wanting to draw pictures of the prophet).  I thought that the banning was insanity - and more insane that it was a court order ban. Hello what about if people find it SO offensive DON'T GO ON FACEBOOK!  Why do we have to be big-brother monitored so that SOME people don't encounter content that SOME content they might find offensive.Ok as usual - I would expect most people to be incredibly indignant and protest this restriction of our freedom. But as I often do, I totally underestimate people reactions. Everyone I spoke to about this (and I'm talking about educated, well traveled, so called moderate people) AGREED with the ban either because 1. It's Blasphemous (um.. note point above) or 2. It's to appease the irrational masses ( it sets a precedent).Well the president has been set and now some stupid person has gone to court to say that Google, YouTube, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and like 19 other sites should ALSO be blocked because they contain blasphemous material. And guess what - the court agrees and the PTA claims that 'it has yet to receive a directive from the court to block these sites' but I'm assuming as soon as they do they will obliging go ahead and block them.First of all, it goes to show that these so called lawyers have not spent much time dragging themselves out of the stone age cause they don't seem to know that you have to actually SEARCH for something blasphemous for it to appear. Or that they are just like politicians pushing through laws that pander to the public regardless of what would actual responsible judicial decision.I'm very angry - but I better spend the last few hours of free access to the world wide web googling ways to by pass the ban.