Aging Population, Say What?

I'm just gonna snap this ditty down.Post from Canadian Marketing Blog...

"Recruitment experts predicted that health care positions - home health care, registered nurses, personal aides, physiotherapists, occupational therapists - are all in great demand because of the aging population.....As we move into the new year, the advice for students is for them to enroll in courses catering to the aging population - there will be plenty of jobs associated with taking care of the old and senile waiting for these young people to graduate from proper training in this sector."

Full read here.What the writer DOES NOT seem to get is that health care is exactly the industry where Canada and other developed nations; are gonna have a very proactive immigration policy.  A happy brain gain you can say. Rest assured there will be enough nurses, personal aides, therapists and the like  to go around.  Health care workers will be the blue collar auto factory workers of the future.