After The Quake: Haruki Murakami

Going to be sacrilegious and just go ahead and say it. I don't get nor, particularly enjoy Murakami. As in I know, he's the Japanese Wonder boy and I'm super un hip if I don't like him but like... whatever.  :POkay, maybe its just a half-truth. I don't think any of the short stories in After The Quake connected with me even though it really did try to take my time and read each one slowly and take post-story analysis breaks to extract meaning.I really liked "The Little Green Monster" which is part of The Elephant Vanishes collection, but I heard it on select shorts podcast so I think hearing a actor say the story make all the difference.Final query: Why do Audiobooks generally have the most monotone-voiced person telling the story? I recently heard The Tell Tale Heart on Selected Shorts and man, I've read the story before but it was AMAZING having heard it. And also the reason why David Sedaris audio books are so fun to listen to over and over again.  Alright, that's my rant of the day.