5 minutes that can ruin 1.5 (or 3) hours

I don't know all the inner workings of the movie studio business and I'm SURE there are all unavoidable reasons why this happens but I've watched two movies recently that would have been really great if...Green ZoneA Hollywood movie, with Matt Damon would easily fall into the catagory of another movie about Iraq, but 'cause Matt Damons a pretty decent actor his pacing, style and the overall plot line is pretty good which makes the movie totally enjoyable. EXCEPT FOR - (spoiler alert) - the last 5 minutes where Matt Damon's character creates a Hollywood ending by 'telling the truth about WMD's' in a handy 'these evil politicians are lying to you' report to all the top news organizations (on the screen you actually see CNN, NYTimes, WallStreet Journal). Boo!Now imagine a this is a better ending - Damon has it out with evil politician - then gives a cold stare to 'didn't look into the truth' reporter, evil politician storms into room where puppet Karzai character is having it out with other Iraqi politicians - cut to Matt Damon heading out into the fields to continue battle. THE END.

RaajneetiThis one is a bollywood film which I watched in the theaters recently. So it's a complicated, twisty turn plot which is a mix between The Godfather (1, 2 & 3) and like real-life Bhutto-Ghandi family. Anyways, it's a MOVIE and a decently good one at that. But again, for a movie that tries to be all hard hitting in your face political truths - why the sap fest ending?Are we REALLY supposed to believe that the father (whose only adopted son) the main character Samar (aka Al Pachino from Godfather) has killed is gonna beg to be allowed to continue to be driver of the very person who killed his son? (Or is it a typically subversive narrative - if you are poor you are nothing, you must accept what happens to you in this life and pray to be born a higher, richer being in the next).

And exactly WHY does the Samar character - who is angel turned devil in the name of family - get to be the ONLY person who gets of scott free? He is happily going back to America to continue his studies and life the life he always planned while everyone else is left to shoulder the burden. (What makes the Godfather ultimately satisfying is that he loses everyone he loves - you know pays for his sins and all.) Yeah I know he loses his girlfriend / unborn baby, but the actor doesn't really convince that the cared about them all that much.A better ending? He get's into the car with the driver and as they approach the sunset, it blows up. THE END. :)