Electro Disco Pop Is My Guilty Pleasure

Some times I have pretensions of liking deep house, electronic experimental, indie rock...But I checked my most played iTunes list; is all electro-disco-pop.Top of the list recently is The Ravonettes - their new album, In and Out of Control is not instant love for me as LUST, LUST, LUST.  (Maybe because I instantly loved the title... Lust... Lust... Lust...) The new album is more upbeat, with fewer hooky tunes - but it's got the trademark wall of hazy sound. I'm going to get into it.High rotation on my list is also Desire - best song is 'Don't call', 'Mirror Mirror' and 'Colorless Sky'. Big surprise that Johnny Jewel is behind Desire; also of italians do it better; chromatics; glass candy - all artists who have been in heavy rotation in my digital record player.Which brings me to - why is eMusic a walled garden? As I'm writing this now, I would like to link to all these artists on emusic. Its an excellent music wiki; I love that 'editor' plus 'regular peeps' reviews, plus it automatically pulls the artists info from YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr in one page. I would be GREAT if other people could see it!Think of all the excellent google indexing they could have, tons of organic traffic and many more subscriptions! Grrr - opportunity wasted makes me mad. Also, I hate that emusic doesn't automatically tell me when there is a new album by an artist I have already downloaded.All things I would love to fix. I wish they had something like mystarbucksidea.com where I could tell them about this. I've emailed emusic (because in actuality I'm a big fan girl of the site) quite a few times of things they need to add to site - but never any response.Booo product manager.